Interesting Facts

During the American Civil War, local military regiments were mustered, quartered, and trained at Camp Ironton, a military post located at the county fairgrounds.

High Quality of Life

There are many great reasons for locating in Lawrence County. It is a prime area located within a day’s drive of most of the nation’s major eastern and central metropolitan areas. Lawrence County has a reliable, trainable, available workforce; and provides a high quality of life that includes affordable and reliable utility service, excellent medical care and five nearby colleges.

Lawrence County (South Point), OH Chamber of Commerce because of its many assets, the governor has identified the area as a special target for increased economic development assistance, which includes creating new jobs and enticing new businesses to the area.

This means offering companies direct financial assistance in the form of low interest loans, grants, bonds, and state and local tax incentives, as well as assistance with employee training.

Also in the economic development corner is the Lawrence Economic Development Corporation or LEDC. This is a non-profit community improvement corporation formed with the goal of job creation and retention.

LEDC offers services that include financing assistance, technical assistance, resource information, community profiles, industrial development, industrial development bonds, and site and building inventory. A partnership with the Ironton Port Authority, Lawrence County Port Authority, and the Ironton/Lawrence Community Action Organization also opens up more opportunity for future and expanding businesses.

In addition, the LEDC administers a countywide revolving loan fund as well as a Regional 166 Revolving Loan fund. Also, the LEDC Procurement Outreach Center (POC) has a variety of services that help qualified firms sell their goods and services to the Department of Defense. This process can result in a stimulated economy. The LEDCPOC also sponsors several informational and instructional conferences and seminars.

Both the Greater Lawrence County Area Chamber of Commerce and the Lawrence Economic Development Corporation play an important role in the business and industrial development of Lawrence County.