Interesting Facts

About 3200 men from Lawrence County served for the Union in the Civil War.

Qualify of Life

Lawrence County, OH - An Unparalleled Experience

The county is located along the beautiful Ohio River and is situated in the heart of the Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia tri-state region. Lawrence County has become a leader in business and industry, and also offers a superbly diverse quality of life.

Our Communities

Lawrence County is comprised of several small communities, including the County seat of Ironton, South Point, and Chesapeake.


Lawrence County has an increasingly diverse population.


The Lawrence County Area has a reputation for having high quality schools, colleges, and universities. Most all offer customized training, one-year certificate programs, associate and bachelor's degrees, graduate level education and employee recruitment opportunities.


There are 8 hospitals, including 6 acute care facilities and one of Health Week's top cardiac care facilities located within a short distance of the Lawrence County, Ohio area.

Culture, Entertainment & Recreation

Lawrence County, Ohio offers the social and cultural amenities of a large city -- superb restaurants and shopping, thirteen museums and theaters and a variety of cultural festivals, and amusement parks. The local area offers outdoor lovers the opportunity to do everything from hiking to kayaking.


Lawerence County is located along the banks of the beautiful Ohio River. The area offers several local and regional airports, and several major interstate highways run through and along side the Lawrence County Area.

Cost of Living

The low cost of living is one of the Lawrence County areas primary advantages over other, similarly-sized areas.